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Why Sales Training?



My philosophy is: sales is about

  • connecting on an authentic level
  • identifying the need
  • conveying tangible benefits and value
  • building desire
  • delivering, and 
  • nurturing business relationships. 

Once a sales producer learns these skills, plus has the supporting beliefs and mindset, he/she will have the confidence needed to easily establish new business, fully develop territories and be a top producer.

Sales success


One of the most prominent methodologies I share is that prospects and clients act in predictable ways, you just need to hit the right psychological triggers needed for people to say, "yes" to your next-step offer.

Using the four psychological triggers creates powerful leverage - allowing you to be you AND incredibly effective.

Sales success

Your Success!

As a sales producer, with 22 years in the trenches, 15 as top producer, across 3 different markets, in both inside and outside sales roles, I can confidently say I know sales.

General concepts are good in the classroom, but they don't work in that split second when what you say either keeps you in the game...or out.  

From the vantage point of a top producer, I share step-by-step, easy-to-implement, practical techniques and formulas that are anchored in authenticity, and generate predictable results.

My #1 goal and intention is to help sales producers reach their big-vision!

Results Matter!

Problems I solve:

Some of the biggest challenges facing the sales force today include:

  • Connecting with prospects
  • Converting cold calls
  • Getting to decision-makers
  • Engaging with decision-makers
  • Positioning as the best solution
  • Delivering compelling presentations
  • Closing at top dollar
  • Creating loyalty and organic referrals
  • Getting to the top of the leader board
  • Staying at the top of the leader board
  • Enjoying the process
  • Creating financial stability

The Fast-Track to Top Producer

In sales coaching and sales training, I offer 1-on-1, group and online masterclasses in the following:

  1. The Invisible Sales Edge (TM): identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs
  2. Cold Call Conversion Formula (TM)
  3. The Art of Selling Without Being Salesy (TM)
  4. Having a Magical Command with People (TM), yes...including gatekeepers!
  5. Your Mojo: creating momentum through a wealth and abundance mentality

Who's Wendy Vaughan?

Sales Mastery Coach and Trainer

One thing that you want to know about me, whether we’ve met or not, is that I love to make systems and formulas that create predictable results.  One simple recipe that always gives you that perfect cake – a system of simple moves that’s a game-changer and has you making crazy good money and enjoying your profession!  Proven systems that bring an abundance of predictable results in return, fast. 

As you can see, I’m not exactly the picture of youth.  I’ve been in the sales trenches for 22 years, 15 of those I’ve held the top producer spot, across 3 different markets and holding both inside and outside sales roles, most recently, within the staffing industry.  But sales was “Plan B” for me.  I started out in pursuit of a career as a professional classical musician - I was a shy, awkward nerd, spending most of my time in the practice room.  But I failed and had to give up on that dream.  And suffice it to say, that going from awkward nerd to the top sales producer, did not happen over night!

I devoured  over a hundred books on sales skills and people skills, and invested well over $50K mentoring with some heavy hitters.  

Plus I've spent over 2 decades in the trenches, reaching an incredible pinnacle in my career as multi-million-dollar top producer. 

And as the top producer at a staffing firm, if you’d asked me to distill my experience and knowledge, and give you all my inside secrets and formulas that have led me to earning the highest-paid commissions, month after month, I would have smiled and shook my head, “no”. But the perfect storm happened, and here I am. 

You see, the firm I was working for, got bought out. And my new boss started playing with the numbers, the accounts, and the territories. I was offered 2 choices: a nice promotion that meant I would be traveling and away from my family now 80% of my time or being put on a brand new market, ground zero – and the end to my 5-figure monthly commission checks.

So, I took the leap and became a sales mastery coach!  And I haven’t looked back.  In fact, had I known how much fun and rewarding it was to help other people become top producers, I probably would’ve taken the leap a long time ago!

And now my passion is to help sales producers get on the fast track and not only skyrocket their results, but create a lifestyle of joy and abundance.


What the bosses said...

Brian J. Parnell, Managing Partner, Caber Resource Group

 "I was Founder and CEO of HIMS Consulting Group, Inc., prior to its successful sale in 2016. Over that tenure, Wendy became our consistent top producing sales representative, outproducing both sales team members and recruiting team members… Wendy possesses an extremely high business acumen IQ… I’ve been in business development and sales strategy for 27 years. She is by far the best sales professional I’ve had the opportunity to work with." 

Joe Mendonca, Former co-owner of HIMS Consulting Group, Inc.

 "I have worked in the staffing industry as an executive for over 25 years and have hired, trained and managed hundreds of sales people throughout my career. I hired Wendy in 2012.... I can say unequivocally that Wendy was the most successful sales person I have ever hired." 

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As Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right".  

And if you have an open mind, and the commitment, I'm here to prove to you that you can!

Sales is a learned skill.  You can become a top producer and create the lifestyle you know you deserve! 

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